The Maker Made release

James McFadden’s new EP ‘The Maker Made’ is released today! – Don’t miss next week’s EP launch gig at The Kings Head in London next week, tickets here – Cover artwork by Crystal Spotlight

February 2017

Deaf Fret is busy mixing James Mcfadden’s third EP, Crystal Spotlight are busy editing the videos to go with them and James is busy rehearsing for a second gig at The Hope And Anchor in Islington on the 24th of February.

Started work on new James McFadden EP!

Just started working on the recording of the third EP of James McFadden, with the drums of Martin Griffith and the bass of Liam Bolger for five new tracks to go with what will be a live recording of another new tune, ‘Crossing Over’. James’s second EP, ‘The Other Side Of Town’ is available on iTunes, Spotify and CDBaby here: … Read More

James McFadden ‘One More Game’ EP Out Now!

Deaf Fret is preparing for a gig at The Gunners on the 17th with James Mcfadden and is delighted to present this wonderful singer-songwriter. His first EP, ‘One More Game’ is available on iTunes, Spotify and CDBaby here: