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@SadiqKhan I could cycle to most of my gigs in less than 20 minutes - it would be real easy to carry my guitar and amp, especially in the rain. Women travelling home late at night see your logic I’m sure Sadiq. How simple your solutions…

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james mcfadden

James is a singer songwriter from Muswell Hill, North London. His songs draw upon the music he was brought up around, in a household of country music and rock n roll. These influences and a love of classic singer-songwriters combine with his own love of classic British bands and soul, giving his songs a contemporary fusion of all of these strands.

A natural singer already so early in his career with so much potential still to be explored…

James’s new EP ‘The Other Side of Town’ featuring his own compositions is out now and you can stream it via Spotify by scrolling up to the ‘New EP’ section of this site.

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ross merrin

A passionately-delivered labour of love that kick-started Deaf Fret, a reaction to the modern world explored through a variety of themes. Committed, concerned but not without humour.

‘normalising the extreme’ album on cdbaby

samples of deaf fret’s incidental and production work

the spilt milk criers

Listen to ‘Better Than You’, a catchy pop tune with a bouncing classic style, a girl-meets-boy-runs-out-of-patience-with-boy story. A tune to showcase the spontaneous sound of Ellie Sherrard’s wonderful songwriting, delivered with energy by Spilt Milk Criers and the smooth guest vocals of Louise…

‘better than you (feat. louise)’ on cdbaby

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alice device

alice device on bandcamp

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